Student Perspectives

The first time I met with Berra Sertel our 280 ttc teacher training program was still in process but about to finish. During the yin yoga workshop she was not only teaching but also having conversation with us. For that moment that was what I really needed. A teacher with knowledge and life experience with ups and downs througout her yoga experiences. Her attitude toward us was different than the other instructors. She was telling us to find our ways of practising yoga. She said ‘ Use your mind to find your way. You don’t have to practice all the things that people say even what I say.’ That moment I liked her a lot. She conforted me with her attitude toward herself and us.
Later on she came to Adana for the second time to give Yin Yoga Teacher Training with ‘Rahmetli’ (the name of her skeleton) 🙂 in November 2019. The training was so smooth and beneficial for my teaching adventure. As I said before I like the way she is. She has a good heart and a very genuine mouth. So, Yin Yoga Taining Program helped me to find and realize the inner peace, the dramas that I create in my mind, the details of my pyhsical body functioning system and how not have to be an easy-going person. You may not experience challenging asanas of hatha yoga such as chaturanga but you may find yourself one step beyond your limits. Later on I begin to realize what time, space and movement is during my yin yoga practice. Even if you don’t move with your arms or legs for a periode of time your body vibrates to its perfect state. Give yourself not time but space…
Thank your for your best support dear Berra.
Irmak Yıllar

I started yoga in 2005 and began my teacher trainig in 2010. During this time, I tried Yin Yoga, which I really liked. When I saw Berra Sertel’s 100-hour training in Yin Yoga in 2015, I signed up without hesitating. Up until that point, my body was not very flexible because I only held positions related to strength and balance. This program changed my view of yoga and the conscious perception of my own body. Of course I didn’t let go of Berra after that and often assisted her in her teacher trainings. I am glad that I got to know her. It gives her pleasure to share her extensive knowledge with us, she is a trusted person and a good friend. It’s nice to have you!
Ali Hürcan

We got to know each other randomly.

Although we have only known each other for a very short time she gives the feeling that we have known each other and been friends forever … that is how her energy is. She does not keep her knowledge for herself, shares it again and again, is always open to new knowledge and likes to learn new things. Working with her is fun. If you are reading this, it means that you already know Berra or that you have the potential to get to know her, which in turn means you are lucky. 😊
Erman Çelen

I got to know Berra through an organization on Cunda Island but was only able to train with her much later in 2019. I wish I had this education earlier, which brings together the science of the West and the philosophy of the East, and also psychological reflections were a topic. As well as in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, I have learned anatomy intensively. My view of yoga philosophy has changed and I have also learned how important my own body consciousness is. This holistic education focused on the development of human psychology and physical awareness and was the most valuable investment of my life that I have made for myself.
Esra İnal

My yoga adventure started in 2013. It was a time when I felt quite weak physically and mentally, but yoga made me aware that I was still strong. Thanks to Berra’s sincerity, I have learned to see people. She still shares and shares her knowledge with great enthusiasm, which means that I still love to work as a yoga teacher today.
She is a woman who pays a lot of attention to small things and most importantly, research. She loves to learn, which has also led her to undergo anatomical training on cadavers.
Since her knowledge in anatomy is not focused on mere memorization, she has a fluent understanding and can transfer her knowledge to her students very clearly. Her years of experience explain her mastery of yoga postures.
Sometimes we had fun, sometimes we cried and sometimes we were very tired along the way. She is my teacher and a good friend. I am lucky that our paths crossed.
It’s a good thing that I started on this path with Berra. Everyone who is lucky enough to work with her and become her student can really write happiness in bold letters.
with love,
Fatma Taşdemir

I want to start with a thanking God, because I am glad that I got to know Berra and I thank God that she was the leading light on my long journey when I was unsure about whether I could do it at all. She encouraged me and said that I would make it and was the driving my force. I thought that I should definitely participate in a teacher training program with Berra, because everyone who reads her articles knows that everything has a logical explanation and in her trainings she transfers all of her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand by giving examples. When we didn’t understand she worked with us until we did. When we couldn’t do the yoga postures, she said that we would do it through practice and encouraged us again and again, pumped up our self-confidence and best of all, gave us comfort in knowing that we have a teacher who we can always ask questions to and she will always give a sincere answer.
Thank you for everything…
Arzu Çoruh


Berra Sertel is an incredible yoga instructor and teacher trainer. I have been a student in several of her trainings over the years and highly recommend her. She is very knowledgeable, particularly in anatomy. She works with her students one-on-one and fosters a very safe and comfortable learning environment encouraging and building confidence in each student. Personally, I am very inspired by her style of teaching, her love of yoga and her informative posts on her webpage and social media. Her style of teaching is very straightforward and she tells it like it is. She tells students what they need to hear not what they want to hear. Her perspective on yoga and teaching yoga is very “real” unlike many of the yoga instructors we see today. She teaches yoga to everyone with passion. I am very proud to be a student of Berra Sertel.
Tanya Adman Akay


I love Berra’s trainings and yoga classes because she does not keep her knowledge to yourself.  She puts everything in logical terms.  I really feel that I am getting correct, detailed information because she confirms it from 35,000 places. It feels so nice that someone I trust has researched everything  and passed it on to me.  Through Berra’s extensive experience she can handle any types of cases. She is very open if she don’t know something and does not talk just to say something. (something called trust).  Her voice calms me down (e.g. that’s why I fall asleep in yin yoga postures when I lean forward! You can’t get any more relaxed than that!),

  • Her training as a student never ends, which I personally find most important for a yoga teacher.
  • She teaches about what can happen, not what won’t happen.
  • In cases where people cannot do yoga postures, she explains very nicely that they should not feel inadequate in any way and shows them variations.

I am glad that I started Yin Yoga with her 10 years ago and now I will be able to pass on what I have learned from Berra.💙
Ceren İbrahimhakkıoğlu


I am very happy that I started my yoga journey with Berra. I not only learned yoga from her but also a lot about life. I thank you for touching my life and trusting me and also offering good opportunities. Those who have learned and will learn yoga with you can consider themselves very lucky!
 Cemre Bosnalı


Berra Sertel aroused my curiosity about anatomy and the body. She got me to teach real expressions instead of exaggerated sentences. Whenever I don’t know what to do, she answer my questions. Her strong attitude, and faith are things that I like very much about her.
Thank you😊🙏
Bahar Selhan Şentepe


Dear Berra is one of the good things in my life …
I consider myself lucky to have started yoga with such a training. Every minute of the training was informative, it was materially and spiritually very satisfactory, so I thank you very much for these pleasant 6 days. Thank you for touching my life and the pain in my shoulder. You gave something to my soul and my body by healing it. I hope that our new adventure together will continue with many new trainings and a friendship …
Janset Uysal


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