(With Yoga Alliance certificate)

Who can join?
Everyone who is interested can join this Yoga course. Only 200 hours certificated teachers will be authorised to teach Yin Yoga after this course.

What is the aim of a 100 hour Teacher Training Course?
Although this training is open for everyone the main aim is mainly to improve existing Yoga teachers, so that they can learn the Yin Yoga system within a short time, to give it back to their students. The basic knowledge will be taught with entirely all details.


  1. Yoga Anatomy The goal is to really understand and learn the movement system of the body. This knowledge is not up to a specific Yoga school or does not belong to a view of a particular Yoga teacher; it is just a logical basic knowledge. The correlation in the body will be analyzed as one to make it more understandable. All this knowledge will be a light for Yoga teachers and their students to understand themselves much better than before.
  1. Yin Yoga Asanas You will learn the views of famous teachers like Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley and of course master Paulie Zink, who is the teacher of all of them. By looking at all these different of understanding Yin Yoga the trainee will be able at the end to build its own style.
  1. Meridians and 5 Elements Yin Yoga does not just prepare us to meditation or give us a long time flexibility which relaxes us, this type of Yoga goes much deeper. Each meridian point in our bodies has a main emotion and belongs to an element. All of this is easier to understand when you look at them in correlation. Anything you feel in a Yin Yoga asana can show you a way of light to heal mind, body and soul.
  1. Taoist breathing and 5 Elements 5 elements meditation is an active meditation, which is based on Paulie Zink’s teaching. It can make it possible to heal traumas. The Taoist breathing meditation is more for experienced people, which can be used in yin yoga asanas.
  1. Other topics
    How to prepare and develop a Yin Yoga class.
    Getting over your fears as a teacher.
    Most common injuries and how to handle with them.
    How to create a Yin Yoga style. e. Adjustments, most common injuries, Chakras, Yin Yoga Therapy.
  • When and Where
    1. Meeting 02 – 04  Fenruary  2018
    2.Meeting 09-11 Fenruary 2018

Price: 1.500 TL +Tax.

40 hours in total of theory and practice with Berra Sertel + 10 hours Yin Yoga class attendance. You can complete 10 hours of attendance before the cours starts.

İletişim : +90 232 421 11 65

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